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Credit Card in the News

Credit Card Named #1 Internet Credit Card AGAIN By Gomez Advisors

Gomez Advisors selected Credit Card as the #1 online credit

card in its Summer 2000 Internet Credit Card Scorecard.

Next Card prevailed over 16 other firms, including larger,

well-established credit card companies such as Amer Expr,

CitiB, Bank of Amer, MB NA and Disc.


Credit Card offers...

Instant approval means you earn high paying commissions faster than ever before.

Low interest rates help get the attention of your email recipients and visitors to your site.

Rewards Points toward FREE travel and merchandise makes Credit Card VISA or MASTERCARD stand apart from the rest of the credit card industry.

Online balance transfers provide incentives for visitors to save money and consolidate their debt.

The Credit Card 100% Safe Shopping PledgeSM protects your visitors from fraudulent use of their Credit Card on the Internet.

24-hour online account management, 1-click bill payment and much more!


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