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Babcock Publishing Company

We are your low cost SUBSIDY book publisher!

We will publish your books, poems, cook books, novels, fiction and non-fiction, romance or whatever you want published.

There are several things that we will not publish.
(pornographic material or hate related material.)

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Babcock Publishing Company
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We Publish, Print, Market, Edit, Design Covers, Bind, Barcode, ISBN Register, ABI Register, Copyright Your Book In Your Name and Promote Books for Self-Publishers!

We are Subsidy Publishers of Romance, Sex, Novels, Religion, Fiction, Non Fiction, Cookbooks, Children's Books and Poetry at rates 40% to 50% below regular Subsidy Publishers!


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Your Copyright protection is guaranteed by law!



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We can save you $1000's of dollars!
Have you written a book and don't know
where to go from there?
Let us help you publish your book!
If you are the author of a book please read
There are 3 different classes of publishers!



They ONLY publish for KNOWN writers. If you are an UNKNOWN writer
they will send your manuscript back to you
UNREAD! It's a never ending cycle
of POSTAGE followed by a REJECTION slip,
ad infinitum, that many
of you have already experienced.



They will publish ANY book, for ANY writer, for a fee. Their fees usually
start around $10,000 and go up from that point. We have "been there...done that"
with our first book. They usually require a printing of 1000 books and will
state in their contract that you have "NO GUARANTEE" that your
investment in 1000 books will be profitable for you. And, by the way, after
you spend the $10, then have to buy the 1000 books from them!
It is a LOSE LOSE situation for you and a WIN WIN situation for them!
And then....YOU have to sell your own books to bookstores or friends!



We can layout and publish your book, help you sell your book
and save you $1000's of dollars. You don't have to print 1000 copies!
PLEASE NOTE: Like ALL subsidy publishers we DO NOT read your
manuscript and comment on the subject matter. We review how it
is laid out, how many pages there will be and what kind of cover
will be needed. That is the information we use to figure out your
total publishing costs. It is then your decision to publish or not.
ALSO: As mentioned above the present policy of Barnes and Noble
and is to purchase books from Babcock Publishing
and offer them for sale on their websites. Unless they change their
policy in the future your books will be listed with them.
P.S. - Don't forget we also sell your book through our website
listing Books In Print right here:

Current books in print


PRINTED "double-spaced" HARD COPY ONLY!

You can submit single spaced or handwritten copy but the cost does increase because of the additional time to correctly read and transcribe your manuscript into publishing format.

Because of computer viruses in many computers
we accept NO file downloads!
NO manuscript floppy discs accepted or on CD or flash drives!

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Barnes and Noble, one of the largest bookstore chains in the world, recently announced

they have formed a partnership with America On Line (the largest Internet Provider in the

world). Beginning approximately December 1, 1999 Barnes and Noble will open a new

central warehouse with SAME DAY SHIPPING of any book they have in stock. This

service will be available to AOL members and to people visiting on

the Internet. PLUS, the books will be available to ALL Barnes and Noble retail stores

via their computer system.


Here is where OUR adrenaline starts to flow.

I received a fax from their main headquarters in New Jersey on September 1, 1999.

After reviewing one of our published books for quality Barnes and Noble has selected

our company as one of its members. They buy every book we publish for their

category review board that makes the decisions on what, and when to promote.


We made our first shipment of books

to Barnes and Noble November 1, 1999.

On November 7, 1999 our published books started to

show up in Barnes and Noble online database!!!


Publishing a book in most cases is easy to do....getting stocked and sold in major bookstores
is the hardest thing to accomplish. To date we have had minor success getting
into major stores.
This announcement is a
MAJOR accomplishment for us and for ALL present and future Authors
we publish for.


This means when we publish YOUR book it WILL be sold to Barnes and Noble when

we have your book finished. If they decide to promote your book it WILL be

available through website AND all Barnes and Noble

bookstores via special order....worldwide. top it off

We are now associated with for submissions.

In Association with

Our first book submitted to them got listed in 4 days.


by Dr. Peter A. Sacco, Ph.D.


We are PROUD to offer you, our Authors, this great service and advantage.



Here is one example of how we promote books we have written to help give you promotional ideas for your newly published book!


From the beautiful German Christmas oriented

tourist village of Frankenmuth, Michigan,

in cooperation with McDonald's restaurant and Toys for Tots,

my brother Bruce did a personal autograph session

and donated all the profits to Toys for Tots!


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